We understand that ordering errors may occur and we are here to help.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Once your order is paid for, we will begin making it. This insures the freshest catnip and softest fabric are always used.

During this time, you can cancel, change, or update your order at any time by contacting Kitty Kick Stix. We will provide a full refund if your order has not shipped, otherwise we are working on making them and will get them shipped. Once they ship, ESPCIALLY DUE TO COVID-19, we CAN NOT accept returns. 

Once your order ships, you will receive USPS tracking confirmation. Due to this being a hand-made pet related product that requires time, material, and labor, we cannot accept returns once delivered.  We are not able to ‘resell’ or ‘re-use’ the any cat toy that has been delivered. We stand behind our products and will work with you on a replacement, a stronger stick, or for any defective related issues.

Reaction with Cats

This is a pet (cat) product. It has been played with by thousands of cat’s, but due to us not knowing how to communicate with a cat, we can’t guarantee it will work on all cats. We love cats and try our best, but will not accept a return if you cat doesn’t decide to play with it. We have fixed costs and labor that need to be cover. Every toy, in every video, is made the exact same each time one is created.

All videos and photos of cats playing with the Kitty Kick Stix are actual Cat Customers and not paid celebrities.

Each one is handmade and cats may react differently to this toy, therefore please make sure your cat does enjoy catnip as the toys can’t be returned.

Cats may become aggressive due to the cat nip scent and we cannot guarantee the strength of material with all cats. It is recommended all pets are supervised with the use of any pet toy, not just ours.

The smell is so STRONG my cat is STONED. Just like with ANY toy or ANY pet product, ANY pet should be supervised.

We are a family owned business and take time to handmake each one.  We use ultra-potent catnip and mix it throughout the stix. Our catnip is grown in the USA and never sits out for more than 3 days – some of the strongest available. If you cat does have a reaction or becomes stoned, take the toy away, provide some water to your cat and turn on the TV. Your cat may need to take a ‘catnap’ for a bit before playing again.

Manufacturing Defects

Each one is handmade in the USA by a team of cat toy professionals.

We understand mistakes may happen when sewing each of these toys and being around so much catnip. If you have an issues, please contact us with photos and the description of the issue. We will be glad to look into the issue further and assist with resolution.

Our goal is to provide a fun, handmade, cat toy and trying to keep our cats from being bored and sleeping around the house all day. Please share the love of the Kitty Kick Stix.

Your Responsibility

With all Pet Toys, it is the owners responsibility to watch how your cat plays with toys.

Make sure they share among friends, properly hydrate between plays, and make sure they don’t try to ingest the stick. Cat’s often will try to do anything to find the source of the ‘good stuff’ i.e. the Cat Nip. Cats have more time available then humans, keep an eye on them and play safe. Have a catastic time!

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