Gold Fish Kick Stix

$13.95 $10.95

Did someone say fish? What’s better than a Kitty Kick Fish Stix? These have a Hidden Zipper Pocket To Refill Catnip Over And Over Again!

Also, you get a free bag of Kitty Kick Stix Premium Catnip ($2.99) with each purchase to stuff, stuff, stuff, these fish with FRESH catnip!

Each Fish Stix Includes:

  • Refillable with Catnip
  • EXTRA BAG – Kitty Kick Stix Premium Catnip
  • Simulation Kick Stix fish toys to meet the cat preferences
  • Contains catnip and stuffing
  • 6-8oz weight each toy
  • *Not made by KittyKickStix

Different Sizes:

  • 11″ Long x 3″ Wide – Salmon
  • 11″ Long x 4″ Wide – Gold Fish
  • 10″ Long x 2.5″ Wide – Mackerel
  • 9″ Long x 2.75″ Wide – Pacific Saury

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