Kitty Kick Sticks are the original Catnip Kicker toy started back in 2012. Our cat nip kicker toys start with growing 100% Organic Catnip, fresh from Canada, not China or anywhere overseas. We cut, sew, stuff and pack each toy in the USA, ensuring the finest craftsmanship and freshest catnip possible. 

  1. High-quality catnip: Our toys contain fresh, potent catnip that will elicit a strong response from cats.

  2. Durable materials: Each toys is cut, sewn, and inspected prior to shipping. We do not use the 'polyester' fabrics that have been recently appearing in 'copy-cat' toys. Ours are made with strong, durable cotton or denim and can withstand your cat's rough play and scratching.

  3. Size and shape: We offer multiple size toys, allowing the right size and shape for your cat to play with easily.

  4. Interactive features: Some of our catnip toys have bells, feathers, or other interactive features that can make the toy even more appealing to cats.
  5. Safety: The toy should be safe for your cat to play with and not contain any small parts that could be swallowed or cause injury. Nothing is made or assembled in China, we are 100% USA Made and Manufactured.